Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Oregon Obamacare Isn't Just Incompetent and Dysfunctional

It's criminal
Lawson, however, chose to use an “iterative” approach. This time, imagine an extremely blurry picture of a whole car. With each iteration, the picture grows a little more clear.
What that meant for the Cover Oregon website was that it was able to paint a picture of a flashy website – imagine a concept car that looks flashy in the showroom but doesn’t actually run.

But documents uncovered by the KATU Investigators show Lawson hadn’t actually figured out how to build the site, even as she was promising the federal government – and her bosses – that Cover Oregon’s website was going to work.

So what, exactly, were the federal and state reviewers being shown?

In a Sept. 27, 2012 email to Bruce Goldberg – Lawson’s boss at the Oregon Health Authority, who is now in charge of Cover Oregon – she sent a link to something called “The Solution Factory,” a site hosted by software contractor Oracle.

Lawson wrote in the email that the link went to a site hosting the same demonstrations the team provided to project stakeholders.

“It demonstrates what we have built to date,” she wrote. “By watching this every month, you can see our progress in real time.”

That link is no longer operational.

KATU traveled to California late last month and knocked on Lawson's door in an effort to get a comment for this story.

Her husband answered and said she didn't want to answer questions.


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