Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Incestuous Relationship Between the Left and the Press

There is no barrier between left wing advocacy and the mainstream news media.
Jill Zuckman left the Chicago Tribune to be the Secretary of Transportation’s spokesman. She follows in the footsteps of noted reporter David Axelrod who left the Chicago Tribune to help Barack Obama and is now on MSNBC as a pundit.Shailagh Murray is not the only Washington Post reporter to head into the Obama Administration. Douglas Frantz headed to the State Department and Stephen Barr headed to the Labor Department.Over at CNN, their new Chief National Security Correspondent is Jim Sciutto. Sciutto had been ABC News’s Senior Foreign correspondent, then took a job in the Obama Administration as Chief of Staff to Ambassador Gary Locke in China.Many on the left would throw up Tony Snow, who had been the Sunday show host at Fox News and an anchor. But Tony had also been a well known conservative pundit and guest host for Rush Limbaugh before going into the Bush White House. And, even so, for every Tony Show there’s a half dozen liberals doing the same.Let’s keep going though.Chuck Todd at NBC is a former staffer for Democratic Senator Tom Harkin. He is married to a former DNC communicator who left the DNC to start Maverick Strategies, a consulting group designed to get liberals elected.Ruth Marcus, the Editorial Page editor of the Washington Post is married to Barack Obama’s original Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission.David Gregory of Meet the Press is married to the former Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary for Fannie Mae.Over at the Politico, John Harris, who asked a host of loaded and ridiculous questions during the NBC-Politico Debate in the 2012 Republican Primary, is married to the former head of NARAL in Virginia.


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