Saturday, May 10, 2014

Totalitarian Feminism Terrorizes College Campuses

Washington State University and the University of Idaho don’t have a sexual assault problem so much as they have a problem with totalitarian feminism. This problem afflicts all higher education in the Era of Obama. Both universities were cited as among 55 in a US Department of Justice investigation of colleges that supposedly do too little to purge their campuses of sexual predators. It’s all part of a crusade by the totalitarians to portray colleges as seething cauldrons of sexual predation that justify suspension of standard rules of evidence and burdens of proof. The investigations have nothing to do with the frequency of sexual assault and everything to do with punishing universities that exhibit excessive reluctance to trample the rights of the accused.

To placate the totalitarians, the Obama regime has tortured Title IX regulations and suspended due process on college campuses. According to the Obama regime’s concept of jurisprudence, it requires little more than an accusation of sexual assault for a man to be found guilty.

This is one of those cases when a less gullible news media could have saved everyone a lot of trouble. Obama warned us that this was coming back in January. The media are only just now taking a look at the justification for Obama’s assault on the fundamentals of justice and are finding it wanting.

The Washington Post examined the surveys that the Obama regime cited and found them seriously flawed and obviously exaggerated. The Obama regime claims that one in five coeds will suffer sexual assault during her four years as an undergrad. But to reach that factoid, they had to torture the definition of sexual assault.

For example, what was once known as a “stolen kiss” is now classified as “sexual assault.” If a man and woman get drunk and end up in bed together, it is only the male who is held responsible should the woman regret the tryst when the sun rises. What Obama classifies as sexual assault matches no rational person’s definition of the term.

It is for this reason that Obama’s statistics are contradicted by law enforcement data. If, as the Obama regime claims, one in five women suffer sexual assault, then 4,465 women should have suffered at least one sexual assault during their four-year tenure at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, one of the two schools surveyed. But Madison police statistics reveal only 136 formal complaints during those four years. Not even an extremist like Obama would try to justify overthrowing due process for the real statistics.

In addition, Obama’s data was collected from a web-based survey. Such surveys rarely yield accurate results as they draw only self-selected responses. And even the study’s authors refuse to extrapolate their data beyond the University of Wisconsin and another unnamed southern university that was also surveyed.

Obama needs the more frightening, fabricated statistics because what he proposes essentially Sovietizes our justice system.  In the old Soviet Union, all that was required for a conviction was for the accused to be denounced by the state.

The current legal standard for establishing guilt is “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Obama’s standard is a “preponderance of evidence.” And because the new rules limit the accused’s rights to present evidence in his own defense or to face his accuser, a man may be found guilty if a college administration, intimidated by threats from the Obama regime, determines that 50.1% of the evidence points to his guilt.

Let’s recall who these totalitarians are. In 1993, these same man-hating feminists convinced television networks to broadcast pleas to brutish men asking that they refrain from wife beating during the Super Bowl. The totalitarian feminists fabricated domestic violence data and claimed that wife beatings escalate during the game. The networks didn’t question the evidence and were made fools of as a consequence. These same totalitarians falsified a fable about the phrase “rule of thumb.” They claimed that it was once settled law that a man could beat his wife with a stick, provided it was no thicker than his thumb. The press fell for that lie too.

So why would anyone take the word of proven liars regarding the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses?

Ideally, Washington State University, the University of Idaho, and the other 53 colleges under investigation would tell Obama to go pound sand. But that’s highly unlikely. The totalitarians are demanding sacrifices. And Obama clearly intends to quench their bloodlust.


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