Thursday, May 01, 2014

Why I Loath Democrats: Part 709459256

Former Governor Jennifer Granholm (Remember her?) permitted the despicable Service Employees International Union to skim Medicare and Medicaid checks for years.

Granholm allowed the SEIU to forcibly "unionize" family members who were taking care of elderly and disabled parents, children, etc. According to Granholm, if you took care of your own family, you had to pay the SEIU for the privilege. Thank goodness the Michigan finally showed the good sense to elect a Republican governor who finally put an end to this disgusting practice. 

“Family members were told they were public employees,” Patrick Wright, director of the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation, a Michigan-based policy group, told "They are not public employees and this was not proper.

“It was an underhanded scheme to get these people in [the union],” he added.

The measure, which counted the home healthcare recipient as an employer and the caregiver as an employee, was adopted during the administration of Demcratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm, but abolished by Republicans including current Gov. Rick Snyder, who was elected in 2012. His election coincided with the state's vote to end forced unionization by approving a right-to-work ballot measure. Snyder subsequently signed a bill that ended the SEIU's due collection scheme.


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