Friday, January 09, 2015

What Andrea Mitchell Worries About

As Muslims slaughter cartoonists, journalists, cops, children and Jews, MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell worries that Muslims are "Under Fire."

One day after a brutal terrorist attack in Paris by Islamic radicals, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell spent much of her Thursday show wringing her hands over Muslims in France and Europe being "under fire." Talking to Muslim Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, Mitchell worried: "This is a challenge for France, which has had a lot of negative legal actions and restrictive laws and a large Muslim community....What is the challenge as they approach this manhunt to not begin racial or religious profiling?"

In a follow-up question, she proclaimed: "And there were reports in the French press today that three mosques may have been targeted in some way, three mosques in's really going to be incumbent upon French and world leaders and European leaders, where immigration and the Muslim population has been under fire."


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