Sunday, October 31, 2004

What To Believe?

We got a real window into John Kerry's soul this week. Osama Bin Laden released a new tape threatening the United States. So John Kerry did a poll to determine how he should react.

The Anti-Semitic Wing Of The Kerry Family

Not only is the left wing of the Democratic Party the home of "respectable" anti-semitism, but Kerry's own stepson is an anti-Semite.

"One of the things I've noticed is the Israel lobby - the treatment of Israel as the 51st state, sort of a swing state." said Chris Heinz, Theresa's son, after calling president Bush a "coke-head."

Everything Is Political, Part 3

The former "Most Trusted Man in America" speculates that Karl Rove is behind the release of the Bin Laden video.

Everything Is Political, Part 2

Maureen Dowd is also worried that the Osama tape might facilitate a Bush victory.

Lenin Would Be Proud

Yes, it was the first terrorist who declared that everything is political.

Previously, Osama Bin Laden appeared pontificating on videotape just before a major terrorist attack. And so, when Bin Laden appeared Friday, there was reason for concern, especially in the Kerry camp.

[O]n Saturday, while avoiding the mention of the tape itself, Mr. Kerry found himself battling with the president about the best way to protect America against terrorism.

The attempt by the Kerry campaign to play down the topic came as no surprise.

The videotape - in which Mr. bin Laden taunts the president and makes vaguely threatening remarks about the nation's security - could well reinforce what has been the defining rationale of Mr. Bush's re-election candidacy since the morning that planes slammed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon: that the nation is at war, and that this Republican president can best protect it.

"The more these images are out there now, the more it helps Bush," said Joe Trippi, who was the campaign manager for Howard Dean, one of Mr. Kerry's rivals for the Democratic nomination.

So, the Democrats do find the tape threatening, to their own political aspirations and to hell with the possibility that thousands of Americans might be murdered again.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Callin Tom Harkin, God Changed His Mind

Now that the missing explosives story has blown up in Kerry's face like an exploding cigar, the poll momentum has shifted.

I guess God was only toying with Harkin's emotions.

Allah Too?

While Harkin channels God, Allah's messenger condemns Bush too.

Bin Laden also said the Bush administration was like repressive Arab regimes "in that half of them are ruled by the military and the other half are ruled by the sons of kings and presidents."

He said the resemblance became clear when Bush's father was president and visited Arab countries.

"He wound up being impressed by the royal and military regimes and envied them for staying decades in their positions and embezzling the nation's money with no supervision," bin Laden said.

"He passed on tyranny and oppression to his son, and they called it the Patriot Act, under the pretext of fighting terror. Bush the father did well in placing his sons as governors and did not forget to pass on the expertise in fraud from the leaders of the (Mideast) region to Florida to use it in critical moments

Or, perhaps Bin Laden confuses Michael Moore with Allah: "It never occurred to us that the commander-in-chief of the American armed forces would leave 50,000 of his citizens in the two towers to face these horrors alone," he said, referring to the number of people who worked at the World Trade Center.

"It appeared to him (Bush) that a little girl's talk about her goat and its butting was more important than the planes and their butting of the skyscrapers. That gave us three times the required time to carry out the operations, thank God," he said.

I Am God. And I Approved This Message.

Tom Harkin wants Bush out of the White House. And he says that God agrees with him.

Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin says John Kerry has been gaining in the polls every day since Oct. 21, and George Bush has been going down every day.

"That's how God wants it to be," Harkin told a group of about 25 people at the Benton County Headquarters in Vinton on Thursday afternoon.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Another Foreign Leader For Kerry

Al Quaida offically endorses John Kerry.

If Bush wins reelection, Al Qaida promises punishment for the American people.

"After decades of American tyranny and oppression now it's your turn to die. Allah willing, the streets of America shall run red with blood matching drop for drop the blood of America's victims."

Was this script written by Michael Moore?

Another Foreign Leader For Kerry

Al Quaida offically endorses John Kerry.

Kick The Ball Charlie Brown

There is always an element of three card monty, or some other variation of the shell game whenever someone cooks up a solution to education funding in Washington. For as long as I can recall, publicly funded education has been in a state of “crisis.” Teachers are chronically underpaid. Classrooms are too crowded. Buildings need replacement, repair, or a high-speed internet connection. Politicians always plead poverty. If the citizens want all these things, they say, then they’ll just have to find a way to pay for it. It’s as though our children are being held hostage.
This isn’t new. About 20 years ago, there was a crisis in education funding. Politicians came up with a painless way to solve it. It was called the Washington State Lottery. The money would be generously donated by people who had matriculated through the public education system, and were consequently bad at math. The largest share of the profits would go to education. And ever since, we’ve had a crisis in education funding.
This hardly seems possible. By definition, a crisis is an acute condition. Perhaps we’ve actually had a series of crisis, one right after the other. Crisis has become the chronic condition. Nevertheless, the funding crisis that confronted education before the lottery has managed to endure the solution.
Take a quick visit to the Washington Lottery web page and you will learn that: “This year represents a big step for the Washington Lottery, too—as Lottery players help us provide more money than ever to support Washington schools--$100 million.”
Gee you’d think that with an extra $100 million, Washington’s schools should be able to make ends meet. And indeed, when one looks at the books, it’s clear that, of the profits earned by the lottery, the lion’s share does go to education. What the lottery doesn’t tell you is that, every dollar that flows into education through the front door via the lottery allows politicians reach in through the back door and remove a dollar it would have otherwise received from the general fund. This is how education remains in a state of permanent funding crisis.
So now, we have another solution to the crisis. This one is called Initiative 884. I-884 will raise sales taxes by one penny on the dollar. And that the whole wad is supposed to supplement education.
It’s all for the sake of the children, don’t you understand. Which is why so much of it is predestined for teachers’ wallets.
According to the promoters, the tax increase will fund 16,000 preschoolers. I didn’t know the state paid for preschool myself and I’m even less certain that it should. The new revenue will also reduce class sizes. This is another way of saying that more teachers will be hired. It will raise teachers’ pay. It will fund an additional 32,000 slots in colleges and universities and grant ever more of them scholarships.
And, it will create incentives for teachers to improve their performance. Meet the new standards, and you’ll get a five thousand dollar raise. And, the money will encourage good teachers to take jobs in “high need” neighborhoods.
The first of these incentives is a transparent joke. To earn the extra 5 grand teachers don’t actually have to demonstrate an improvement in their pupils’ performance. They only have to earn certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Achieving this certification requires only that teachers write 3 essays, attend one Saturday class, and submit a portfolio. Teachers are not required to demonstrate that their pupils learn. The National Board is a subsidiary of the teaching establishment.
As the Evergreen Freedom Foundation puts it, "What this amounts to is the education establishment saying 'trust us.' We're already trusting them with $9.2 billion in education funding and we have a climbing dropout rate and stagnant test scores."
And, there’s really no reason to believe that the billion dollars that I-884 is supposed to raise won’t be siphoned off as lottery revenue has. The public education budget has served the legislature as an escrow account for other spending before and there’s no reason to think they won’t do it again.
The only real difference is that this initiative guarantees that teachers will be permitted to collect a toll on the trucks full of money as they pass by.

If You're A Liberal, You Won't Make It To The End Of This

Here you will find a highly technical, well informed explanation of why that video supposedly showing American soldiers inspecting the missing explosives is not so unabmiguous as the Bush-hating media would have you believe.

Kerry/Edwards would undoubtedly call knowledgable refutation, "dodging, bobbing and weaving."

The Theory Of Evolution

Recently, objective journalist Seymour Hersh explained to a Canadian audience how George Bush could possibly win reelection.

"There are 70 million Americans who don't believe in evolution. Bush is playing to that core," Hersh said. "And can you imagine what the rest of the world is going to think if we re-elect this man?"

Well, it's true, many of us don't believe in evolution - at not the sort of evolution promoted by the New York Times.

In 2002, John Kerry applauded the Bush administration's strategy of enlisting Afghan allies to fight the Taliban. ``What we are doing, I think, is having its impact and it is the best way to protect our troops and sort of minimalize the proximity, if you will'' -- i.e., not throwing American lives away in tunnels and caves in alien territory. ``I think we have been doing this pretty effectively and we should continue to do it that way.''

Now, as always, the retroactive military genius says he would have done it differently. Yet in the same interview, asked about how things were going overall in Afghanistan, he said ``I think we have been smart, I think the administration leadership has done it well and we are on the right track.''

Today, when demogoguery serves his purpose better than statesmanship, he calls using allies "outsourcing."

John Kerry has managed to transform our [successful] Afghan venture into a failure -- a botched operation in which Bush let Osama bin Laden get away because he ``outsourced'' bin Laden's capture to ``warlords'' in the battle of Tora Bora.

How does the New York Times characterize this opportunistic flip flopping? Evolution, of course.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Shocking News!

Guess what? Somebody has "discovered" that the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid 65 million years ago.

Challenging conventional theory, new scientific research suggests the dinosaurs may have been scorched into extinction by an asteroid collision 65 million years ago that unleashed 10 billion times more power than the Hiroshima nuclear bomb.

Excuse me, but, unless you're a liberal Democrat who's been living in a cave for the last 40 years, isn't this very old news?

Middle Earth Found!

It's Indonesia.

In an astonishing discovery that could rewrite the history of human evolution, scientists say they have found the skeleton of a new human species, a dwarf, marooned for eons in a tropical Lost World while modern man rapidly colonized the rest of the planet.

Bad Intelligence

It would appear that John Kerry has made some critically bad decisions based upon bad intelligence.

Not only has it come to light that the 377 tons of explosives that Kerry is accusing Bush of losing were gone before US forces ever got there, and perhaps before the war even started, but there may have been far less in the first place.

How much less? Try 374 tons less.

Racial Profiling?

This last month of the campaign has been marked by a rash of violent attacks on Rebublican offices by white liberal Democrats.

So, what does Al Gore do? He advises blacks to refrain from violence.

And Democrats wonder why they have to ask white people to hold "African-Americans for Kerry-Edwards" signs at their rallies – as happened in St. Petersburg, Fla., last Saturday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Listening To Prozac

Yet another reason not to carelessly drug children.

"Mice treated with the antidepressant Prozac early in life grow into adults with emotional problems, a new report concludes."

I fear that someday soon, we will find that Ritalin has similar consequences in later life. A child's developing brain is not a playpen or an appropriate experimental subject.

More Foreign Leaders For Kerry

Terrorist leaders are boasting that they have assisted John Kerry's presidential campaign.

"If the U.S. Army suffered numerous humiliating losses, [Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John] Kerry would emerge as the superman of the American people," said Mohammad Amin Bashar, a leader of the Muslim Scholars Association, a hard-line clerical group that vocally supports the resistance.

And, we should expect more in-kind contributions to the Kerry campaign from terrorists.

"American elections and Iraq are linked tightly together," he told a Fallujah-based Iraqi reporter. "We've got to work to change the election, and we've done so. With our strikes, we've dragged Bush into the mud."

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Oh, And He Lied About Baseball Too

It's not just that John Kerry's favorite player on the Boston Red Sox (Manny Ortez) doesn't exist, Kerry also lied about being at Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

John Kerry has spoken many times of his agonized presence at Game 6 of the 1986 World Series:
"I was 30 yards away from Billy Buckner in that famous Shea Stadium game in '86." (Cite: ESPN Page 2)
"Talking baseball on the plane, he reminisced, "I was at Shea Stadium, 30 yards from Bill Buckner," recalling the error that many consider cost the Sox the 1986 World Series." (Cite: "Sox Detour for Kerry", New York Daily News, 7/26/2004)
"The Bay State senator says he....watched in anguish as the ball rolled through Bill Buckner's legs in the 1986 Series against the Mets." (Cite: "Bogus Bosox Fan", New York Post, 9/19/2004)
"I was about 30 yards away from Billy Buckner when that ball wiggled away" (Cite: Kerry tries to rejuvenate his campaign, USA Today 11/24/2003)
Game 6 of the 1986 World Series was held in New York City, on the evening of October 25, 1986.

According to the Boston Globe, John Kerry was at a banquet in Boston on the evening of October 25, 1986.

Boston Globe Archive abstract:

Published on October 26, 1986
Author(s): Peter J. Howe, Globe Staff
"New Mexico's governor, who holds the highest elected post of any Hispanic nationwide, and the head of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination were given awards for political excellence last night by the Massachusetts Latino Democratic Committee.

More than 250 people -- including Gov. Dukakis, US Sen. John Kerry and an array of state Cabinet members -- attended the banquet at the World Trade Center in South Boston honoring Gov. Toney Anaya and Alex Rodriguez."

Oh, And He Lied About Baseball Too

It's not just that John Kerry's favorite player on the Boston Red Sox (Manny Ortez) doesn't exist, Kerry also lied about being at Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

John Kerry has spoken many times of his agonized presence at Game 6 of the 1986 World Series:
"I was 30 yards away from Billy Buckner in that famous Shea Stadium game in '86." (Cite: ESPN Page 2)
"Talking baseball on the plane, he reminisced, "I was at Shea Stadium, 30 yards from Bill Buckner," recalling the error that many consider cost the Sox the 1986 World Series." (Cite: "Sox Detour for Kerry", New York Daily News, 7/26/2004)
"The Bay State senator says he....watched in anguish as the ball rolled through Bill Buckner's legs in the 1986 Series against the Mets." (Cite: "Bogus Bosox Fan", New York Post, 9/19/2004)
"I was about 30 yards away from Billy Buckner when that ball wiggled away" (Cite: Kerry tries to rejuvenate his campaign, USA Today 11/24/2003)
Game 6 of the 1986 World Series was held in New York City, on the evening of October 25, 1986.

According to the Boston Globe, John Kerry was at a banquet in Boston on the evening of October 25, 1986.

Boston Globe Archive abstract:

Published on October 26, 1986
Author(s): Peter J. Howe, Globe Staff
"New Mexico's governor, who holds the highest elected post of any Hispanic nationwide, and the head of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination were given awards for political excellence last night by the Massachusetts Latino Democratic Committee.

More than 250 people -- including Gov. Dukakis, US Sen. John Kerry and an array of state Cabinet members -- attended the banquet at the World Trade Center in South Boston honoring Gov. Toney Anaya and Alex Rodriguez."

Still Looking

John Kerry has recently been accusing the Bush campaign of losing Bin Laden in Tora Bora. The charge is that we had him surrounded before Bush got distracted by Iraq and left the job of catching Bin Laden to Afghan warlords.

The problems are that, (1)We had no real idea where Bin Laden was and (2) At the time, Kerry praised the strategy of incorporating the warlords.

Kerry supporter Mickey Kaus has been pleading for somebody to provide him with contemporaneous Kerry criticism of the strategy, to prove that Kerry doesn't operate entirely on hindsight.

So far, no luck. Even that supplied by the Kerry campaign reflects badly on Kerry.

KERRY CALLED FOR MORE BOOTS ON THE GROUND TO GO AFTER BIN LADEN. In an appearance on John McLaughlin's One on One on November 16, 2001, Kerry said that "we need to put some ground people in there in order to do the very things that I've just talked about, and ultimately, to do what we're doing now, which is ... chasing Osama bin Laden and moving the process forward. ... They have moved to the hills, moved to caves, to isolated areas. We have, I think, an extraordinary ability to isolate them there." MR. MCLAUGHLIN: "You're talking air attack." SEN. KERRY: "Not just air attack. No, no. I'm talking about people on the ground, the very people I talked about earlier, the level of engagement here with either rangers or Special Forces…" [John McLaughlin's One on One, 11/16/01]

I'm not sure this does the trick. First, it's a deceptively truncated quote. Kerry is defending his previous criticism of insufficient U.S. boots on the ground--but he gives the impression, at least, that his criticisms have been addressed and he's now satisfied. Here's the complete quote:

MR. MCLAUGHLIN: Well, why did you criticize the administration for failing to put in expeditionary forces earlier?

SEN. KERRY: I didn't criticize them for failing to put expeditionary forces in, John. I said we need to put some ground people in there in order to do the very things that I've just talked about, and ultimately, to do what we're doing now, which is --

MR. MCLAUGHLIN: Well, you are --

SEN. KERRY: -- which is chasing Osama bin Laden and moving the process forward. [Emphasis on deceptively truncated section added]

Second, are "rangers" and "Special Forces" what you would use to block escape routes in a large mountainous area? Don't you need lots of troops for that--hence the need for Afghan proxies? [Update: U.S. Special Forces were in fact used at Tora Bora. But the Christian Science Monitor's account suggests a small number of additional U.S. troops might have been helpful, if not sufficient: "Pir Baksh Bardiwal, the intelligence chief for the Eastern Shura, which controls eastern Afghanistan, says he was astounded that Pentagon planners didn't consider the most obvious exit routes and put down light US infantry to block them."]

Finally, the Kerry camp may regret calling attention to that McLaughlin transcript. Earlier in the interview--which, remember, took place two months after 9/11, in the middle of our Afghan campaign against the Taliban--McLaughlin asks Kerry "What do we have to worry about [in Afghanistan]?" Here's the last part of Kerry's answer:

I have no doubt, I've never had any doubt -- and I've said this publicly -- about our ability to be successful in Afghanistan. We are and we will be. The larger issue, John, is what happens afterwards. How do we now turn attention ultimately to Saddam Hussein? How do we deal with the larger Muslim world? What is our foreign policy going to be to drain the swamp of terrorism on a global basis? [Emphasis added]

Wait--I thought shifting the focus to Saddam was a "diversion" and distraction from the fight against Al Qaeda! Not, apparently, when Kerry saw an opportunity to score political points by advocating it. [But would he have rushed to war in Iraq without a plan to win the peace!-ed. Maybe not. But, given Kerry's recent he-took-his-eye-off-the-ball rhetoric, it's embarrassing that he brought up pivoting to Iraq "now" long before the Afghan campaign was over--indeed, when the Tora Bora battle against bin Laden's men had barely begun.]

Even CNN Has It Right

The explosives that John Kerry and his campaign surrogates at the New York Times and PBS were prattling about were long gone before the US Army ever got to the place where they were stored.

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of 380 tons of powerful explosives from a storage depot in Iraq has taken a new twist, after a network embedded with the U.S. military during the invasion of Iraq reported that the material had already vanished by the time American troops arrived.

NBC News reported that on April 10, 2003, its crew was embedded with the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division when troops arrived at the Al Qaqaa storage facility south of Baghdad.

While the troops found large stockpiles of conventional explosives, they did not find HMX or RDX, the types of powerful explosives that reportedly went missing, according to NBC.

The UN hasn't actually known where they were for about 2 years now.

The Meeting That Wasn't

Well, let's just say that, if John Kerry had known then, what he knows now, he would have had that meeting with the UN Security Council.

"First, John Kerry told us about secret meetings with unnamed foreign leaders to bolster his campaign," George Bush's campaign manager Mr. Mehlman said, responding to an article yesterday in The Washington Times. "Now, we learn he touted made-up meetings with the United Nations Security Council in the second debate to justify his vote for the war."

Well, it's not fair to judge Kerry when for he decisions he had to make before he had the full advantage of hindsight, is it?

Long Gone

In its enthusiasm to shill for John Kerry, the New York Times hyped up a non-story that the Democrats immediately coordinated their campaign with.

But, it's simply not true.

NBC News: Miklaszewski: “April 10, 2003, only three weeks into the war, NBC News was embedded with troops from the Army's 101st Airborne as they temporarily take over the Al Qakaa weapons installation south of Baghdad. But these troops never found the nearly 380 tons of some of the most powerful conventional explosives, called HMX and RDX, which is now missing. The U.S. troops did find large stockpiles of more conventional weapons, but no HMX or RDX, so powerful less than a pound brought down Pan Am 103 in 1988, and can be used to trigger a nuclear weapon. In a letter this month, the Iraqi interim government told the International Atomic Energy Agency the high explosives were lost to theft and looting due to lack of security. Critics claim there were simply not enough U.S. troops to guard hundreds of weapons stockpiles, weapons now being used by insurgents and terrorists to wage a guerrilla war in Iraq.” (NBC’s “Nightly News,” 10/25/04)

Monday, October 25, 2004

Good News From Iraq

You wouldn't know it from readin the New York Times, or listening to CBS (or, for that matter, from reading the increasingly tinny Andrew Sullivan), but there is progress being made in Iraq.

In a recent poll 80.5% of Iraqis showed that they want elections to be held at time without any delay. The poll that was conducted by Al Sabah center for public opinion studies showed also that 15% were with delaying the elections while 4% did not have any opinion. The poll took the opinions of 850 citizens of Baghdad from different ethnic, social and religious groups who were selected according to the simple random sample method. 40% of those were women.

And, there's a lot more. Read from top to bottom.

Another Foreign Leader For Kerry

An Al Qaida supporter has been spotted raising money for Kerry.

A militant from a group some have connected to al-Qaida and that many have claimed is financed in part by the international drug trade and prostitution rings, recently attended a John Kerry fund-raiser, where he wrote a check and later boasted about his getting "paid back" in future favors from the presidential candidate.

According to Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, Brooklyn-based Florin Krasniqi, a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army, is featured in the recently released Dutch documentary "De Brooklyn Connectie" attending a Kerry fund-raiser with several KLA members, where he writes a check, and then makes clear he expects a quid-pro-quo for his donation.

And Kerry Shall Make The Lame To Walk

During the second presidential debate, Democrat John Kerry said he would have science direct his policy decisions on embryonic stem cell research. That’s demonstrably untrue. But one must wonder where ethics fits into his thinking?
Ethics are not quantifiable. One cannot plug measurements into a mathematical formula and arrive at unambiguous answers. The pursuit of medical knowledge has often steered science afoul of ethics. A number of reprehensible medical experiments, ranging from the Tuskegee experiment on syphilis infected black men to Nazi hypothermia experiments on concentration camp inmates yielded useful medical data. But was the means of the collection worth the cost? On the whole, people of good will decided that it was not.
Science has established ethical standards for doing human research, but this system works best because the final decision is not in the hands of the scientists. By electing to put scientists above ethical considerations, John Kerry has subordinated ethics to expediency, just as Nazi death camp scientists did when they dunked Jews into vats of ice water, seeking procedures for reviving pilots and sailors who fell into the North Atlantic Ocean.
Imagine for a minute that Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards’ cruel and astonishingly vulgar promise that a Kerry victory will result in paralysis victims rising from their wheelchairs were in fact feasible. And imagine that it could be done with spinal cords transplanted from infants conceived for the purpose. I doubt that even Christopher Reeves would have wanted to walk again if it meant creating organ farms where baby humans were cultivated for what adults could harvest from them.
But the sad fact is that John Kerry is not even subordinating ethics to science. He’s subordinating ethics to political demagoguery, because the truth is that the promise of embryonic stem cells is fantasy. Championing embryonic stem cell research has more to do with bowing before to the abortion lobby’s determination to dehumanize the embryo than it does to making the lame to walk and the blind to see.
Heart attack victims are already profiting from stem cell research, without the destruction of a single embryo, because embryos are not the only source of stem cells. And in fact stem cells have been saving and improving lives for decade. Mostly it has been stem cells collected from umbilical cords that have yielded the most useful stem cells.
Someday, stem cells might help repair a severed spinal cord. But based upon the current state of the science, the most likely source of those stem cells will be the patient’s own adipose tissue. Nerve cells have already been grown from adipose stem cells. No one has ever induced an embryonic stem cell to convert itself into a nerve cell. And the adipose stem cell has the other advantage of being a homologous transplant, sparing the patient from a lifetime of complications and expense from immunosuppressant drugs.
If the stem cell debate were about science, rather than the abortion agenda, then John Kerry would not be promoting embryonic stem cell research. He would be encouraging adipose stem cell research. But where is the controversy there? It’s more politically expedient to blame Bush for Ronald Reagan’s death from Alzheimer’s.
Liberals have made embryonic stem cell research a sort of sacrament. To prove one’s worth, one must be willing to destroy human embryos on the altar of a false science.
There is only a limited pool of resources available for biomedical research. Funding embryonic stem cell research will divert money from the more promising adult stem cell research. Were a victorious Kerry to fulfill his promise to divert money into embryonic stem cell research, then he would push the day that the lame throw down their crutches farther into the future.
Sixty years ago, the medical community was faced with a moral dilemma. The data that Nazi scientist derived for their experiments on doomed death camp Jews might actually advance medicine. Conceivably, human lives could be saved if Nazi discoveries were disseminated through medical journals. The scientific community pondered the question and sided with morality. Even if the knowledge were useful, the means by which it was learned was too vile.
Interestingly, Nazi data eventually found its way into mainstream science. And not surprisingly, this change of attitude came not long after the United States Supreme Courts gave us Roe vs. Wade.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Why Kill A Tree For This?

Guess what? The Washington Post joins the New York Times in endorsing John Kerry for president.

Can anybody recall the last time that either endorsed a Republican?

What's notable about this endorsement is its obvious reluctance.

"We have been dismayed most of all by Mr. Kerry's zigzags on Iraq, such as his swervings on whether Saddam Hussein presented a threat."

Nevertheless, the Post believes Kerry when he says that he'll prosecute the war on terror vigorously, and ignores it when Kerry doesn't even seem to notice that we are at war.

"Mr. Kerry, like Mr. Bush, offers no plan to cope with retirement and health costs..."

Kerry has a plan for everything, but won't tell anyone what his plans are. Maybe if he were like, you know, a senator or something over the last 20 years, he might have introduced legislation including his secret solutions.

Overall, it's clear that the Post, like most of Kerry's potential voters, are not particulary enthusiastic about Kerry, so much as they are determined to get Bush out of the Whitehouse.

Assassins For Kerry

The Guardian seems to have given up on Kerry's campaign and is now calling for Bush's assassination.

John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr - where are you now that we need you?

Foreign Leaders For Kerry

They're coming out of the woodwork.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Party Of The Stoopid

Democrats in Ohio have accused Republicans of trying to suppress Democratic votes, by requiring that voters cast ballots in the districts in which they are registered.

Apparently, Democrats have less faith in their members ability to find the right precinct than they do in Republicans.

Fake, But Accurate

CBS may have invented fake news, but they don't own it. Jon Stewart does, or at least he monopolizes it.

The difference is that Stewart makes no pretense at accuracy. He also openly admits to his biases.

In that way, he's more honest than Dan Rather.

But, his fake news has an effect on the ignorant slacker, just the people that Democrats work so hard to get to the polls.

"Half of 18- to 29-year-olds say they regularly or sometimes learn things from late-night comedy shows, a Pew Research Center survey found."

Friday, October 22, 2004

The Party Of Fraud

They're up to their old tricks again. The ironically misnamed Democratic Party has dispatched literally thousands of lawyers and has greased its disinformation machine to win through fraud what they can't win through an honest vote.

November 2 will be the culmination of a four year crusade to facilitate fraudulent voting accross the country. Lawyers have been dispatched to ensure that reliable demographics like convicted felons and illegal aliens get to voter. They'll be there to win the right to cast multiple votes. They'll be there to ensure that the dead vote, that dogs vote, and that Democrats cast votes in other people's names.

The latest Democratic trick for stuffing the ballot box with illegitimate votes is call the "provisional ballot."

You don't have to be a cynic to imagine that some polling places will be rushed with dozens, even hundreds, of unregistered voters, perhaps just as the polls are scheduled to close. The right to cast a provisional ballot will then become an excuse to sue to keep polls open later, which is precisely what happened in 2000 in St. Louis and might have cost then-Senator John Ashcroft his seat. Any refusal would be cause for another equal-protection lawsuit that could take weeks to settle.

Don't take our word for it. Listen to John Kerry, who laid out the strategy at a rally in April: "We are going to bring legal challenges in those districts that make it difficult for people to register," and his aides are telling reporters they'll insist that "every vote is counted," implying every provisional vote.
Not that the partisans care, but there's a larger principle that is in danger of being trampled here. A fair election requires two things: The ability to cast a ballot but also the confidence that any vote is honestly cast. The count-'em-all-legal-or-not-and-sue strategy stomps on the second principle in order to serve the first. Denying the right to vote was common in many areas before the Voting Rights Act of the 1960s, but there is no evidence that it was a problem at all in 2000.

What we are seeing now isn't an attempt to prevent injustice but looks to be a calculated political strategy to create enough confusion at the polls to justify legal challenges that will cloud any close Presidential outcome. Let's hope we have a clear winner on Election Night, or we may all wish we were in Afghanistan.

UN Cockroaches Don't Like The Light

You might be surprised to learn that there has been press coverage of the United Nations Oil-for-Food scandal.

You'd be very surprised if you watched CBS, for example, which has spent far more time promoting fraudulent National Guard memos than it has on the UN.

In fact, if you follwed the news using ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, the New York Times, or the Washington Post, you could be forgiven for never having heard of the Oil-for-Food scandal.

Nevertheless, Kofi Annan whined yesterday that the glare of media attention had done great damage to the United Nations.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Vision Thing

Whoah! What's this? A favorable article about the president in the New York Times?

It's true.

The Times has to admit that our president has a vision, and not even the Times can find any real fault with it.

Mr. Bush talks about "the transformational power of liberty'' in the same tones he sometimes talks about the power of religion to transform the soul. He often links the two, repeating a line that "freedom is not America's gift to the world, freedom is the almighty God's gift to each man and woman in this world.''

And sometimes he truly warms to the subject, as he did on Monday in Marlton, N.J.

"After decades of tyranny in the broader Middle East, progress toward freedom will not come easily,'' Mr. Bush said. "Yet, that progress is coming faster than many would have said possible. Across a troubled region, we are seeing a movement toward elections, greater rights for women, and open discussion of peaceful reform. The election in Afghanistan less than two weeks ago was a landmark event in the history of liberty. That election was a tremendous defeat for the terrorists.''

And then, for good measure, he turned the knife a bit as he talked about Mr. Kerry's alternative vision.

"My opponent has complained that we are trying to 'impose' democracy on people in that region,'' he said, as the crowd booed. "Is that what he sees in Afghanistan, unwilling people have democracy forced upon them?''

The Times raises the possibility that Iraq and/or Afghanistan could vote in Islamofascists, but who really believes that free people would vote themselves into tyranny?

Why We're Winning

Screw the French and Germans. We have the most important allies on our side - the Iraqis.

One reason for this progress is that we're finally being helped by a substantial number of Iraqi troops. The force that took Samarra included 3,000 Americans and 2,000 Iraqis, with the latter providing local knowledge and helping secure sensitive sites like mosques.
More recently around Mahmudiya, U.S. forces rounded up a number of suspects, but it was only the arrival Monday of Colonel Mohamed Essa Baher of the Iraqi National Guard that allowed them to identify one captive as a top Zarqawi paymaster. Colonel Baher was ambushed and almost killed on Tuesday--one of his sons has already been killed--but he vows to pursue the terrorists "to the last breath."

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


The ironically misnamed Democratic Party has won at least a partial success in its attempt to suppress a documentary critical of John Effing Kerry.

"The experience of preparing to air this news special has been trying for many of those involved," Sinclair chief executive David D. Smith said in a statement. "The company and many of its executives have endured personal attacks of the vilest nature, as well as calls on our advertisers and our viewers to boycott our stations and on our shareholders to sell their stock."

Shakespeare Was Right

Lawyers across America, from both parties, are sharpening their fangs in anticipation of the upcoming election.

"Bush v. Gore really let the genie out of the bottle," said Richard L. Hasen, an election law professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. "Election law has become just another part of the political strategy of the parties."

After nearly stealing the election in the courtroom in 2000, the Democrats order of battle comprises 10,000 lawyers, 2000 in Florida alone.

And the Republicans will not be caught off guard this year.

"I have no doubt that we will have more than enough," he said. "If we go into a recount situation, we are far better prepared to respond than before."

The Republicans have hundreds of lawyers in Florida specifically to counter Democratic effort to get out the felon vote. Felons are not permitted to vote, but this group is one of the Democrats' most reliable demographics.

Meanwhile, Democrats snear at the whole concept of, "ballot integrity."

"We're going to protect our vote, and by doing that, we think we'll win," said Bob Bauer, the Democratic Party's national counsel for voter protection. Lawsuits filed by the party and Democratic interest groups in Florida and Ohio, another critical state, seek to prevent local election officials from rejecting thousands of incomplete registrations. The lawsuits contend that in both states, Republican election chiefs are requiring that forms contain information that is irrelevant to determining a voter's eligibility.

Kofi Annan Insults Guatamala

Kofi Annan has let it be known what he wants to believe about the Oil-For-Food Scandal.

Kofi Annan, secretary-general of the United Nations, finds it "inconceivable" that Russia, France or China might have been influenced in Security Council debates by Saddam Hussein's Oil for Food business and bribes. "These are very serious and important governments," Mr. Annan told Britain's ITV News Sunday. "You are not dealing with banana republics."

But, as Claudia Rosett points out, "[T]he notion that Russia and China in no way qualify as banana republics might be news to the state-muffled media of both countries. It might also surprise readers of the Berlin-based Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index, which ranks 133 countries by levels of corruption, from best to worst. On that list, China ranks about halfway down, worse than Colombia or Peru and tied for 66th place with Panama, Sri Lanka and Syria. Russia does worse yet, ranked between Romania and Algeria, and tied for 86th place with Mozambique."

What Are They Thinking?

The Bush Administration is opposing a provision of the intelligence reform bill that tightens illegal immigration laws.

Why in the world would this, or any other administration want our borders to remain porous?

Of course, this administration has, from its beginning, been too accomodating of illegal immigration.

But, if Bush, Cheney and Rove think that going easy on illegal immigration will earn them the love of liberals, they're wrong.

However, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) yesterday said the letter signaled little more than a buckling by the president to political pressure.
"The Bush administration is clearly feeling the heat on these extraneous and dangerous provisions," said Laura W. Murphy, director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office.
"Although it continues to stubbornly endorse measures that would cut away at checks and balances for immigrants, expand the Patriot Act, add eight new death penalties and remove meaningful civil-liberties protections, the White House has signaled that it can still be swayed by political pressures," Miss Murphy said.
"It seems that the White House is reacting to growing pressure from crucial voter groups, like Cubans in Florida," she said. "The letter is evidence that the administration realizes that there are tremendous political risks if it ignores the protests of these key constituencies in this close presidential election. Appeasing potential voters should not be how we undergo the greatest restructuring of our nation's intelligence systems -- a commitment to freedom and liberty should."
The Bush administration, meanwhile, welcomed Congress' efforts to prevent counterfeiting and tampering with driver's licenses and birth certificates, but said, "Additional consultation with the states is necessary to address important concerns about flexibility, privacy and unfunded mandates."

Paying In Coke?

Guess what? Democrat party sugar daddy and destroyer of nations, George Soros, may have used his billions to buy fraudulent votes.

Billionaire currency trader George Soros, in his quest to unseat President Bush, has given millions of dollars to a coalition of anti-Bush organizations whose nationwide voter-registration drive has been targeted by state and federal authorities for possible widespread fraud.

Soros is willing to give billions to defeat Bush, but is he willing to give cocaine?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Another Foreign Leader For Kerry

The man who exposed the international Jew conspiracy to rule the world, the former Prime Minister of the Malasia, Mahathir Bin Mohamad, has endorsed John Kerry for president.

Inshaallah (Allah willing), Bush will lose and Kerry will realise that his victory is partly due to you. Inshaallah, President Kerry will remember the Muslims in America when he rules the United States of America.

Dear Brothers and Sisters. Vote Bush out of office. It is truly an ibadah that you perform.

And certainly, Kerry will deal with those Jews, or at least not get in the way and will allow Arafat and his boys deal the final solution.

Another Foreign Leader For Kerry

The man who exposed the international Jew conspiracy to rule the world, the former Prime Minister of the Malasia, Mahathir Bin Mohamad, has endorsed John Kerry for president.

Inshaallah (Allah willing), Bush will lose and Kerry will realise that his victory is partly due to you. Inshaallah, President Kerry will remember the Muslims in America when he rules the United States of America.

Dear Brothers and Sisters. Vote Bush out of office. It is truly an ibadah that you perform.

And certainly, Kerry will deal with those Jews, or at least not get in the way and will allow Arafat and his boys deal the final solution.

Another Foreign Leader For Kerry

Yasir Arafat. No surprise really.

"The president [Arafat] is frustrated with Bush's policies," he said. "The president [Arafat] thinks Kerry will be much better for the Palestinian cause and for the establishment of a Palestinian state."

Conidering that Arafat will only consider a Palestinian state that replaces the current Jewish state, well, you figure it out.

The Case Against Kerry

Recently, a Democrat canvasser came to my door. I told him to save his breath, that there was no way that I would ever cast another vote for a Democrat.

The reasons are many, but mostly it has to do with the vulgar divisisve, identity politics they practice. Outstanding recent examples include Kerry's promises to black to ensure that he, John Kerry will ensure that their votes will be counted this year.

The implication is that Republicans strategically prevented ballots cast by African-Americans from being counted. Pure BS and Kerry knows it. But, it fits the us-against-them theme.

John Edwards even tried to invoke us against them with the handicapped last week, promising that a Kerry victory would lift the lame out of their wheelchairs.

Dennis Prager, a former Democrat, has his own list of reasons why he won't vote Democratic this year.

Among them is this dandy: John Kerry represents the Party of Michael Moore. This America-hating Marxist was given a place of honor at the Democratic Party Convention in Boston, seated next to Jimmy Carter, a former Democratic president who said that Moore's Goebbels-like propaganda film "Fahrenheit 9/11" was one of his two favorite films.

Like Vaccine Shortages? Vote Kerry!

Yes, it is the government's fault that we have a flu vaccine shortage. But it's not George W. Bush's fault. The problem lies with a policy he inherited from the Clintons - Price regulation.

Hillary decided that the compassionate thing to do would be to remove profit from vaccine manufacturers. Guess what? Vaccine makers have been getting out of the business ever since.

"It's a market that hasn't been allowed to make a profit and not allowed to innovate," says Gottlieb. Without innovation, vaccine makers can't engage in premium pricing based on changes that make their product better than the competition. Everyone is stuck with the same old method.

Combine no profits with exposure to John Edwards-like lawsuits and you have an environment that guarantees shortages.

Kerry's solution - Extend Hillary's vaccine program to all of the pharmaceutical industry.

The vaccine market is a harbinger of what could happen to the prescription-drug industry if Democrats get their way. They are agitating for the government to be able to negotiate -- read: mandate -- low drug prices as part of the new Medicare prescription-drug benefit. And the push for re-importation of drugs from Canada is really a way of importing Canada's price controls into this country.

Monday, October 18, 2004

More Election Shennanigans By Democrats

From the Drudge Report.

The Kerry/Edwards electin manual encourages Democratic canvassers to pick up early ballots for those to lazy or unmotivated to send in their own ballots. But that violates Florida election law.

"A designee may pick up an absentee ballot for a voter on election day or 4 days before election day. A designee may only pick up two absentee ballots per election, other than his or her own ballot or ballots for members of his or her immediate family. Designees must have written authorization from the voter, present a picture I.D. and sign an affidavit. Candidates may pick up absentee ballots only for members of their immediate family."

News Unfit To Print

Why, because it's good news. It a success story in the war on terror.

Afghanistan is getting better. Peter Bergen, a veteran journalist and certainly not a George W. Bush cheerleader, writes:

Based on what Americans have been seeing in the news media about Afghanistan lately, there may not be many who believed President George W. Bush . . . when he told the United Nations that the "Afghan people are on the path to democracy and freedom." But then again, not many Americans know what Afghanistan was like before the American-led invasion.

Bergen recently visited the country after a few years' absence. His surprised verdict: "What we are seeing in Afghanistan is far from perfect, but it's better than so-so."

Sunday, October 17, 2004

No Class At All

Things like this are the reason that I cannot imagine myself ever voting for a Democrat.

Missouri's Republican Party wants a Democratic-aligned group to stop circulating a get-out-the-vote flier that includes a 1960s photograph of a firefighter hosing a black man that reads: "This is what they used to do to keep us from voting."

The America Coming Together handout accuses Republicans of conspiring to suppress the black vote through intimidation and such tactics as putting "phony cops at polling places — but only in African American neighborhoods."

"They make African-American voters stand in line for hours, then turn them away from the polls," the flier reads. "Now (U.S. Attorney General) John Ashcroft is trying to prevent African-Americans from registering to vote at all."

Democrats simply do not possess the class to lead.

Ordinary Guys Can't Afford To Wear Their Carhart's Only Once

And they can't afford to buy out of state licenses when they don't plan to actually hunt.

Does anybody believe that John Kerry is actually going to take a time out from the campaign, one week before the election, to go hunting in Ohio?

Another Socialist Failure

According to John Kerry, every little thing that is wrong in America is George Bush's fault - including the flu vaccine problem.

But, considering the affects of federal government intervention, the surprise should not be that we are short of vaccine. The surprise is that there is any vaccine at all.

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals withdrawal from the flu vaccine market is typical: Wyeth's decisions go a long way toward explaining why the United States -- the world's richest market for medical products -- finds itself with only half the amount of vaccine it needs to protect its population against a disease that may contribute to more than 50,000 deaths this year.

The company's exit is part of a long, slow industry-wide flight away from flu vaccine, which has simply become more trouble than it's worth.

Costs are high, risks are high, and because the government forces unrealistically low prices upon vaccine makers, returns are low.

Over three seasons, Wyeth lost $50 million from unsold flu vaccine. It was also facing millions of dollars in required improvements to keep its plant up to standards required by the Food and Drug Administration.

Government imposed low prices mean that not just flu, but all vaccine supplies are threatened: Flu vaccine isn't the only product that has had to be rationed in recent years. Several childhood vaccines have been in dangerously short supply, too. The current scarcity of flu shots reflects not only a larger problem but also forces unique to this vaccine.

There was once a time (pre-Hillary that is) when vaccine makers could afford to throw away excess because individual doses could be sold for enough to cover the cost of the waste. No more.

The waste is particularly hard for vaccine makers to stomach because their profit margin is small. Flu shots are essentially commodities -- identical products made by numerous companies and differing only in price. Because much of the vaccine is bought in huge orders by government agencies, the price is low.

Unless we can get the government out of vaccine business, the future does not look good.

"It shouldn't be surprising to anybody," said Gregory A. Poland, director of the vaccine research group at the Mayo Clinic, in Minnesota. "In fact, I marvel that there are companies willing to stay in the business."

Strong Closer

After trying to honor the spirit of the new campaign finance law, Republicans have made up their disadvantage with the Democrats and are pulling away.

During the spring and summer, two Democratic groups, The Media Fund and, outspent Republicans on advertising by a large margin. But since late August, Republican 527s running television and radio commercials have raised $48.2 million, compared with $7.8 million by Democratic groups, according to reports to the Federal Election Commission.

And, the money that Republican 527's have spent has had more effect because they have had the advantage of truth.

Asked why the pro-GOP ads have had more impact than the pro-Democratic ads, Bill Galston, a Democratic public policy strategist, said he believes the Republicans have developed "messages that inherently have more leverage than others because they go at something that is at the heart of the campaign" -- in this case Kerry's use of his military record.

"They [the Swift Boat Veterans and PFA] weren't going for a capillary, they were going for the jugular of the Kerry campaign," Galston said.

Rolling Over

The timing of the Madrid bombings was not accidental. It was a campaign contribution from terrorits to the socialists.

Newly disclosed wiretaps of an alleged organizer of the bombings expressing glee that "the dog Aznar" had been put out of office have prompted some analysts here to conclude that the perpetrators sought to try to bring about specific reactions through the attacks.

This just in, Al Qaida has just registered as a Democratic 527 organization so that it can detonate bombs without violating McCain-Feingold.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Far Left Will Only Take So Much From Kerry.

The far Left has stuck with Kerry even though he has promised to keep us in Iraq and has said that there is little difference between his position on homosexual marriage and Bush's. That's because they were confident that he was lying

Since Kerry's clumsy insertion of Dick Cheney's daughter into the campaign, he's not only been losing suppor, but Nader's been gaining.

Clearly the episode showed them something in his character that they simply cannot digest.

Substance Over Style

The same polls that showed John Kerry as winner of all three debates also show George W. Bush pulling away from Lurch.

Certainly Kerry/Edwards oafish references to Dick Cheney's daughter didn't help.

And, of course, I'm sure everybody who heard the comment was offended by Kerry campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill's insistence that children were, "fair game."

This conscious, malicious strategy was confirmed even further after the debate when Mr. Kerry's campaign manager, Mary Beth Cahill, called Miss Cheney "fair game."

Conspiracy Theorist

John Kerry, after declaring that he would thwart Republicans schemes to suppress the African-American vote, followed up by revealing a secret plan by the Bush administration to reinstitute the draft.

But, the real story is that Kerry has learned, via CBS News, that if given a second term, John Ashcroft plans a program of forced rectal exams for all Americans, searching for Saddam's secret weapons.

And We'll Have Enron Investigate Itself Too

The pathetic Kofi Annan proudly proclaimed that the United Nations would get right to the bottom of the Oil-For-Food scandal.

Uh huh.

And to pay for it, he's going to starve a few kids.

In a letter to the U.N. Security Council, Annan said money for the probe — headed by former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker — would come from an account earmarked to pay U.N. administrative and operational costs for the humanitarian program.

On the other hand, if the adminstration of this program can get along without that money, then why is so much spent on those starving bureaucrats anyway?

Sure, After CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and PBS Give Bush Equal Time

Whine, whine whine. John Kerry is mad that somebody is permitted to say something bad about him. And he's demanding equal time to answer.

John F. Kerry's campaign demanded yesterday that Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. provide his campaign equal time after broadcasting a movie attacking his Vietnam record, but the company said it is holding out for an interview with the Democratic nominee himself.

In a letter to Sinclair chief executive David D. Smith, the Kerry campaign's top lawyer said that the planned airing of "Stolen Honor" "constitutes an attack on Senator Kerry by supporters of President Bush" and that Sinclair "must provide a similar opportunity for Senator Kerry's supporters" on its 62 stations.

Actually, he has been offered equal time, but he has refused it because he can't dictate the terms.

Kerry as so far managed to avoid any hard questions about his inflated Vietnam record and he knows that, if he accepted equal time in the form of an interview, he would have to answer those questions.

Asked why Kerry would not agree to an interview, Clanton said: "Why would you take an offer like that seriously from a group with such a fierce partisan political agenda? Walk into some big setup job? 'Hello, I'd love to come on your program and get sandbagged.' "

I wonder how much free advertising the mainstream press would have to give the Bush campaign to balance the hours and hours they've given to Richard Clarke, Joseph Wilson, Dan Rather, and the like.

Too Complicated For Kerry To Understand?

Or is he just a liar?

One of the big faux issues of this campaign has been reimportation of drugs from Canada, supposedly saving money for the consumer. Kerry has argued that it's a simple means to cut prices for the needy.

Bush has said that it's not so simple.

Bush is right.

The most obvious reason that it wouldn't work is that drug companies would have to cooperate in their own screwing, and they're simply not going to do that.

It may make political sense to point to Canada as a solution to high prescription drug prices in the United States. But many economists and health care experts say that importing drugs from countries that control their prices would do little to solve the problem of expensive drugs in the United States, where companies are free to set their own prices. Even the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that allowing Canadian drug imports would have a "negligible" impact on drug spending.

To begin with, there are not enough Canadians, or drugs in Canada, to make much of a dent in the United States. There are 16 million American patients on Lipitor, for instance - more than half the entire Canadian population.

Drug makers like Pfizer say they would reduce their shipments of drugs to distributors in Canada and other countries that re-export to the United States. "We are not going to supply drugs to diverters, in Canada or elsewhere," said Hank McKinnell, chairman and chief executive of Pfizer.

Kerry's simple-mindedness can be summed up nicely by his own spokesman: "If the impact is so negligible, why are the drug companies fighting it so much?" said Sarah Bianchi, Senator Kerry's policy director. Even if the overall bulk of imports were not that large, she added, "they would apply some pressure on the drug industry and make them revisit their pricing policies."

What we need to do is get tough with Canada and other countries that keep their prices artificially low. That forces to pay for the research by ourselves. In effect, we are subsidizing medicine in socialist countries.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Evil Drug Companies Save African Children

Quick, name the most lethal and devastating disease in the world. You're wrong! It's malaria. Malaria has been the bane of humanity since before our ancestors raised up onto their hing legs.

Malaria kills far more people than AIDS and disables many times that many. Malaria probably stifles advancement in the Africa more than any other single factor. The poverty malaria creates probably kills more people than AIDS.

And now, there's a vaccine.

The vaccine, tested on thousands of children in Mozambique, was hardly perfect: It protected them from catching the disease only about 30 percent of the time and prevented it from becoming life-threatening only about 58 percent of the time.

But because malaria kills more than a million people a year, 700,000 of them children, even partial protection would be a public health victory. The disease, caused by a parasite carried by mosquitoes, is found in 90 countries, and drug-resistant strains are spreading.

Dr. Allan Schapira, strategy coordinator for the Roll Back Malaria campaign at the World Health Organization, said the trial was "good news, and definitely of great interest for malaria control."

The director of the Malaria Vaccine Initiative, which is underwriting tests on 15 experimental vaccines with money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, said the GlaxoSmithKline product tried in Mozambique was now its leading candidate and had proved that the concept worked.

"We'd all like to see the numbers be higher, absolutely," said Dr. Melinda Moree, director of the initiative. "But these are still very significant findings."

What the John Kerry's of the world will never admit is that this research was funded by profits earned from selling previously developed medicines. If Democrats were to get their way, then future research into a number of medical miracles would be halted.

The Lame Shall Walk And The Blind Shall See

Pundits were outraged when Dick Cheney suggested that a Kerry administration would leave America more vulnerable to terrorist attack. But they barely blinked when John Edwards all but blamed paralysis and Alzheimer's on Bush.

Charles Krauthammer was not amused however.

After the second presidential debate, in which John Kerry used the word ``plan" 24 times, I said on television that Kerry has a plan for everything except curing psoriasis. I should have known there is no parodying Kerry's pandering. It turned out days later that the Kerry campaign has a plan -- nay, a promise -- to cure paralysis. What is the plan? Vote for Kerry.

I'm not making this up. I couldn't. This is John Edwards on Monday at a rally in Newton, Iowa: ``If we do the work that we can do in this country, the work that we will do when John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk, get up out of that wheelchair and walk again.''

In my 25 years in Washington, I have never seen a more loathsome display of demagoguery. Hope is good. False hope is bad. Deliberately raising for personal gain false hope in the catastrophically afflicted is despicable.

A Referendum On Tactics

Perhaps the most substantive political race in the country is playing out in South Dakota. Tom Daschle, the nation's most powerful Democrat, is likely to lose his seat because his constituents are repulsed by the way he exercised that power.

If the prospect of unseating a party leader for the first time since 1952 weren't enough, there's another reason why this race is second in importance to only the presidency. Mr. Daschle has served as chief architect of liberals' two-year strategy to obstruct George W. Bush's agenda, from national security and tort reform to energy production, tax cuts and federal judges. A Daschle defeat would be a repudiation of that filibuster game plan, and do more to break the Senate logjam than any other Republican gains. "It'd be like picking up three extra seats," Virginia Senator George Allen, chairman of the Republican campaign committee, said recently.

If that happens, Mr. Daschle will have only his own record to blame. "Tom," as even critics in this state of just 470,000 registered voters chummily call him, has built his career on the message that he's South Dakotan first, Democrat second. Tapping into the prairie populism of the state's eastern side, he's cast himself as a fervent advocate of rural communities, a protector against corporate interests and representative of the state's conservative values. Just as important, he's built a reputation for delivering home pots of federal cash. All this has enabled the Democrat to win in a state where President Bush captured 60% of the vote in 2000. "He delivers," says Linda Kasten, a 51-year-old government employee who tells me she's voting a Bush-Daschle ticket because the senator secured $700,000 in federal money for a senior center in her small town of Parker.

Patty Murray versus Patty Murray

Patty Murray’s argument is not really with George Nethercutt. Her real debate is with Patty Murray. What is it Patty? Are we to defend our country with ordinance or au pairs? Bullets or baby sitters? Intelligence or insipidity? Does Patty Murray intend to dispatch our enemies by having them laugh themselves to death?
The issue has been fermenting for a couple of years now. Shortly after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Patty Murray said something so breathtakingly naïve, and frankly stupid, that it casts doubt upon her qualifications to serve in any position of responsibility. I’m not sure I would trust her to go back to the classroom and teach elementary school kids again.
These days, it is common for politicians to choose a few words out of context and grossly exaggerate or otherwise knowingly and intentionally distort their original meaning. Patty Murray cannot shelter behind that excuse, because her wisdom was recorded and there is no way for her to argue that she has been misunderstood, or as she once said, “construed.” And because this is a year in which she has to defend her seat in the United States Senate, her thoughts are now being played over the air daily for all the world to hear.
Her opponent in the upcoming race for the United States Senate seat from Washington, George Nethercutt, could not resist the temptation to play an unedited tape of Patty Murray’s speech in his campaign advertisements. Washingtonians are permitted to listen as she explains that we have much to learn from Osama Bin Laden. According to Murray, Osama Bin Laden is a champion in the Arab world because he has instituted the domestic agenda of the Democratic Party in the Middle East.
"We've got to ask, why is this man so popular around the world? He's been out in these countries for decades, building schools, building roads, building infrastructure, building day care facilities, building health care facilities, and the people are extremely grateful. We haven't done that.”
Those were her words. And remarkably, in the worldview of Patty Murray as well as many of her supporters, allowing everyone to hear the thoughts of Washington’s senior senator constitutes dirty campaigning. Patty Murray must have a very low opinion of her constituents’ intelligence if she believes that she can convince voters that hearing her thoughts, in her own voice, constitutes gutter politics.
On the other hand, perhaps she has a justification for her low estimation of the voters. They did elect her twice.
Her defense is typically insipid. How dare anyone question her patriotism? One need not bother with questioning her patriotism. Her judgment is in doubt here.
So profound is Patty Murray’s ignorance that her drivel failed to grasp even the most basic appreciation of life in Afghanistan under that Taliban. Even if Bin Laden really did build day care centers, what would Afghanistan’s women need with one anyway? Bin Laden’s Afghanistan did not even permit women to leave the house.
The mind of Patty Murray relies less upon genuine thought than it does upon slogans. Her worldview was constructed upon the sixties radical assumption that America is the root cause of all the world’s evil. Blame America first.
There is such a thing as a thoughtful liberal. Patty Murray is not one of those. If a thought cannot fit within the space of a bumper sticker, then it probably exceeds her attention span. To Patty Murray, a slogan like, “you can’t hug a baby with nuclear arms,” represents deep and profound thinking. And if an idea doesn’t conform to her clichés, then it can’t fit into her thinking any more than a square peg fits into a round hole.
Nowhere in Patty Murray’s leftist programming is there room for the real reason for Osama Bin Laden popularity in the Muslim world. He’s loved because he kills Jews and Americans.
Murray argues that she in fact does support our national defense. Her words on the tape do not specifically address her attitude toward defense. But she’s just trying to change the subject. But since she did raise the issue, she has assembled a 12 year voting record to the contrary that’s as incontrovertible as the tape of her speech.
Who should we believe, the Murray of the campaign trail, or the Murray of record?

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Meanwhile, Lynne Cheney Has Had Enough!

The Democratic Party's gratuitious references to Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter has mom fighting mad.

Lynne V. Cheney, wife of Vice President Cheney, accused John F. Kerry on Wednesday night of "a cheap and tawdry political trick" and said he "is not a good man" after he brought up their daughter's homosexuality at the final presidential debate.

Mary Cheney, one of the vice president's two daughters and an official of the Bush-Cheney campaign, has been open about her lesbian status. The candidates were asked if they believe homosexuality is a choice, and President Bush did not mention Mary Cheney. Then Kerry said, "If you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she's being who she was, she's being who she was born as."

"The only thing I can conclude is he is not a good man. I'm speaking as a mom. What a cheap and tawdry political trick."

Makes One's Skin Crawl

For the second time, the Kerry-Edwards campaign has "outed" Dick Cheney's daughter. Why? It's well known that she's a lesbian, but Kerry/Edwards keeps bringing it up. Do they think that they can peel off a few fundamentalists with the news?

Mickey Kaus, who still plans to vote for Kerry, finds it creepy.

When I criticized John Edwards for gratuitously mentioning Dick Cheney's gay daughter, I got lots of email suggesting that Edwards was simply being nice. Sorry, that won't fly after Kerry bizarrely, needlessly and explicitly raised the subject again ("I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, ....") There must be some Machiavellian strategy behind the Democratic urge to keep bringing this up--most likely it's a poll-tested attempt to cost Bush and Cheney the votes of demographic groups (like Reagan Dems, or fundamentalists) who are hostile to homosexuality or gay culture or who just don't want to have to think about it. Or maybe Kerry was just trying to throw Bush off stride. In either case, the fake embrace was even creepier coming from Kerry than it was coming from Edwards--Edwards had at least been debating Cheney at the time. After the debate, Kerry campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill said Cheney's daughter was "fair game." Fair game? Who was being attacked? (It was supposed to be a discussion of whether homosexuality is a "choice" or innate. Bush had said he didn't know.) ... P.S.: If Kerry was being Machiavellian, he went way too far in the culturally liberal direction by talking about friends who "finally sort of broke out"--e.g. came out. (With the support of their wives!) Why "finally"? Is liberation from sexual repression a priority item for Kerry's first term? Of course not, but Kerry's language can't have made socially conservative voters comfortable--negating the effect of the Cheney mention, if that was supposed to make them uncomfortable with Bush. ... Update: Here's some evidence (in a NYT "undecided" panel) of Kerry's Mary Cheney mention backfiring ("a low blow"). ... More: Kerry was puncturing the "hypocrisy" of Bush's position, as some Kerry defenders claim, only if the sole reason to oppose gay marriage is homophobia. I support the idea of experimenting with gay marriage, but surely it's possible to be a non-bigot and be reluctant to immediately tinker with such a venerable social institution (even if modern monogamous marriage is itself a tinkering with the much longer-standing human tradition of polygyny). Once you admit this possibility of non-bigoted reluctance, then Kerry's move looks less like hypocrisy-puncturing and more like a straight appeal to homophobia. As such, it does no credit to Kerry. ... Perilous race analogy: What if Kerry were debating a conservative on affirmative action, and that conservative had a black wife, and Kerry gratuitously brought that up in an attempt to cost his opponent the racist vote? Would Andrew Sullivan approve? I don't think so.

I'm The NRA

The National Rifle Association is putting its considerable muscle into the campaign.

Billboards now seen in at least 10 key states show a prancing French poodle, its fur fancily clipped for show, wearing a pink ribbon and a blue Kerry-for-president sweater. The text says: ``That dog don't hunt.'' And: ``For 20 years John Kerry has voted against sportsmen's rights.'' As Election Day approaches, the National Rifle Association is clearing its throat, ready to roar.

And some liberals appreciate the NRA's power enough to either feed off it, or use unconstitional means to muzzle it.

Labor unions have awakened to the NRA's power. For example, a flier published in Marseilles, Ill., by Local 393 of the Laborers' International Union lists three Kerry virtues. The third is that he will ``fix NAFTA'' (the North American Free Trade Agreement). The second is that he ``will continue to fight to protect overtime pay.'' But at the top of the list -- first things first -- is: ``Supports protecting our right to own a gun.''

Nationwide in 2000, gun ownership was a countervailing pull against union membership as a determinant of political sympathies: Union households with guns split 48 percent for Bush and 48 percent for Gore. In 2000, 80 percent of Tennessee union households had at least one firearm. In West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Michigan the percentages were 61, 60 and 55. Gore lost the first two states and might have lost the other two if he had not prudently stopped talking about gun control.

Some liberals who are no more respectful of the First Amendment than they are of the Second saw campaign finance reform as a way to inhibit the NRA from talking against gun control. Advocates of the McCain-Feingold bill for extending government regulation of political speech repeatedly mentioned the NRA as a group whose speech could be curtailed by complicating the process of financing political advocacy.

Servicemen Know Who They Friends Are

John Kerry's laughable claim that the military wants him to win is contradicted by polling data. Among servicemen and women, Bush leads 73%-18%.

Duke poli-sci prof Peter Feaver, noting Kerry "has wooed the military more ardently than ever before," says of the survey: "Frankly, the margin (for Bush) greatly exceeds anything that I or any other analyst had expected."

Who Lost Osama?

John Kerry claims to know something that nobody else knows - the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden. When I heard Kerry say that Osama was hiding in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan, I was a bit surprised. The last I had heard, he was just across the border in a rugged, ungovernable region of Pakistan.

Additionally, Kerry claim that we had Bin Laden surrounded in Tora Bora, before letting him escape to go after Saddam Hussein conflicts with the memory of those who were actually there.

Gen. Franks, on the campaign trail in Florida for George W. Bush, this week, said it's wrong to assume that bin Laden was hiding out in Tora Bora. Some intelligence reports put him there, he says, but others placed him in Pakistan, Kashmir or Iran--or at a lake 90 miles northwest of the Afghan city of Kandahar. Gen. DeLong concurs. "Was Osama bin Laden there?" he said in an interview. "I don't know."

If He Were A Republican, He'd Be Leading Off The CBS Evening News

It doesn't matter that his words might have merit, what matters is that he's a Democrat and that means he won't be on Meet The Press this Sunday, representing the entire Democratic Party.

Saying that AIDS patients are "a danger" and that they "brought it on themselves," are both arguably true. But, it conflicts with Newspeak, so no one dare say it. And they're demanding the head of the guy who did say it.

The man who served two terms as governor and four as mayor of Baltimore "has tarnished his legacy and embarrassed himself," said Del. Peter Franchot (D-Montgomery),

Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley (D) called the comments "sad, mean-spirited and counterproductive." Democratic Party Chairman Isiah Leggett said he anticipates a strong field of candidates to run against Schaefer in 2006 if he seeks reelection at age 85. Leggett predicted that the comptroller will face "a challenge to him the likes of which he's never seen before."

Unrepentant, the comptroller stood by his remarks, though his spokesman said yesterday that when Schaefer referred to those who spread HIV as "bad people," he meant that to apply only to those who passed the virus to others on purpose.

AIDS researchers have warned us for years that the virus is capable of mutating into a form that could be spread by casual contact, through coughing for example. And the larger the reservoir of virus around, the greater the chance of mutation. And of course anyone who carries the virus did bring it on themselves, unless they were raped. Everybody knows how it is spread and how to protect against contracting the virus.

Talk about speaking truth to power!

Round Two

The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have allied themselves with POW's and are launching another round of attacks on John Kerry.

There's not much new in the story, other than some embedded advice from the Post to Kerry on how to respond.

The Swift boat group is widely credited by Republicans and Democrats alike for damaging Kerry's credibility this summer, when it aired statements from veterans who had served in the same naval unit as Kerry in which they contended that he did not deserve many of the war medals he was awarded. Kerry was criticized by many Democrats, including some of his aides, for failing to mount a quick response to the attacks, which were picked up and replayed on cable television for several weeks in August. In a matter of weeks, Kerry's support, especially among veterans, dropped significantly and the Democratic nominee fell behind Bush.

Kerry did not recover in the polls until he responded with a forceful denunciation of the ads. Since then, the Swift boat vets have struggled to grab as much national attention, but they still raised more than $15 million and have run numerous ads bashing Kerry. In New Mexico this week, hardly an hour went by without the Swift boat ads being broadcast.

David Wade, a Kerry spokesman, said the Democratic nominee will not respond to the new round of charges. "We will keep an eye on what they are doing, but we feel this is a widely discredited group who is doing the dirty work of President Bush. . . . They will not set the conversation for this campaign," he said. To defend Kerry, the campaign is running ads with military figures praising Kerry and his war service, Wade said.

Washington Post to Kerry - Fight Back!

But, in truth, Kerry did not recover in the polls until Bush's fumbling perrformance in the first debate.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

We Hate You John Kerry, But You've Got Our Vote

Many John Effing Kerry supporters have a dark secret. They can't stand John Kerry. Such Kerry "supporters" are finding therapy in webites like, and

``Are you going to vote for John Kerry [related, bio] even though you find him unpleasant, annoying, arrogant, waffling, misguided, or just generally unappealing in some profound way?'' the site asks.

``Then you've come to the right place! We're Kerry Haters for Kerry - perhaps his largest constituency! No need to hide in the Kerry-hating closet anymore while you pretend to everyone that he'll be a great president. Here you are among friends. You can speak freely and honestly. You can admit: `He's awful! And I'm for him!' ''

KerryhatersforKerry points out that: Polls consistently show that Senator Kerry does better when voters see less of him! KH4K is fighting to win by minimizing Kerry's actual presence on the campaign trail. But we need your help.

Give us your best reason for Senator Kerry to not campaign this week:

Would Kerry Buy Guns For Poor People?

Terrence Jeffrey asks that very fair, ideologically consitent question.

Sarah Degenhart's question was simple, straightforward and had absolutely nothing to do with Sen. John Kerry's long-ago service as an altar boy.

"Senator Kerry," she asked in the town-hall debate, "suppose you are speaking with a voter who believed abortion is murder and the voter asked for reassurance that his or her tax dollars would not go to support abortion, what would you say to that person?"

Kerry's response, "[B]ut you have to afford people their constitutional rights. And that means . . . making certain that you don't deny a poor person the right to be able to have whatever the constitution affords them if they can't afford it otherwise."

Well, if Kerry can find a right to an abortion in the Constitution, he should have less difficulty finding the Second Amendment. Would he subsidize excercising that right too?

Kerry's Many Vulnerabilities

The conventional wisdom states that tonight's debate is on Kerry's home court, and therefore, he has the advantage. But, there are many areas of vulnerability. One of them Kerry brought up himself, judicial nominations.

A leaked memo clearly described the Democrats' strategy on this issue, laying out a partisan agenda aimed most agressively at conservative minority judges. Kerry played along.

Leaked Democratic memos indicate that Mr. Estrada was targeted, in part, because, "he is Latino, and the White House seems to be grooming him for a Supreme Court appointment," and because, "we can't make the same mistake we made with Clarence Thomas." Judiciary Democrats, led by Sens. Edward Kennedy, Patrick Leahy and Richard Durbin, agreed to block or slow-walk particular nominees at the behest of liberal campaign donors, including the trial lawyers, the NAACP, and the national abortion providers' lobby. These Democrats decided, in advance of hearings, which nominees to block, and Democratic staffers characterized Bush nominees as "Nazis."

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

"I Was An Alter Boy"

Keith A. Fournier dissects John Kerry's clumsy attempt to separate his deeply held beliefs from policy positions.

It was toward the end of this debate that a question was raised about the fundamental human rights issue of our age, the right to life, and the first freedom, the freedom to be born. When I heard candidate Kerry’s answer, I groaned with deep disappointment. “I was an altar boy…” the candidate proclaimed. He then went on to commit an act of sophistry, continuing his efforts to deceive Catholics, whose votes he is courting.

Without the preeminent right to life, our entire structure of human rights is in jeopardy. Without the freedom to be born, there can be no other freedoms, at least for our smallest neighbors. Medical science, in all of its advances, confirms what our consciences have long ago told us, the child in the womb, the first home of the entire human race, is our neighbor. These “first neighbors”, children in the womb, have a voice that is not being heard in a society that has lost its sense of solidarity, along with its moral compass. They are, what Mother Teresa called, the “poorest of the poor” and they need our protection.

How we treat the poor is the bellwether of our claim to be a compassionate people. The position that supports the right to life and the freedom to be born is simply a human position. Just as the position that people of color could not be owned as property was, and is, a human position, so it is with the right to life of our first neighbors in the womb. Supporting this fundamental human right, the right to life, is not a “religious position”, in the sense that John Kerry seeks to present it.

His comment “But I can’t take what is an article of faith for me and legislate it for someone who doesn’t share that article of faith, whether they be agnostic, atheist, Jew, Protestant, whatever” not only betrays his lack of understanding of his professed Catholic faith, it defies reason. The natural law, written on our hearts, along with all legitimate medical science confirms the humanity and personhood of the child in the womb. To treat persons as property to be disposed of rather than gifts to be received is wrong for all. He knows that.

I was an altar boy as well. So, I will pray for the Senator. That he will come to his senses and reread his Catechism.

Then, I will do everything I can to keep him out of the Whitehouse.

Lying For Votes

New Democrats have one thing in common with Old Democrats. They lie.

The more pervasive lie is the one favored by John Kerry, that he's actually far more conservative than his voting record.

Democrats face an uphill climb in their campaign to regain control of the Senate. If they have a fighting chance, it's because some of their candidates are sounding like Republicans.

The Democratic candidate in Alaska supports President Bush's call to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. The Democrat running in South Carolina supports Bush's call for a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage, and the Democratic candidate in Oklahoma is in favor of repealing the District of Columbia's tough gun control law.

The strategy reflects the fact that Democrats must win several states carried by President Bush in the 2000 election.

Probably nowhere is this more evident than in South Dakota, where the Senate's lead Democrat, Tom Daschle has been running ads that portray him as an ally of Presdient Bush.

Blacks Turned Off By Kerry

Maybe there's a reason that John Kerry is "stooping" to campaigning in black churches.

Recent polling by the Pew Research Center shows a notable change in black sentiment for the presidential candidates. Black support for Sen. John Kerry is now 73 percent, down from 83 percent in August, and black support for President Bush has doubled from 6 percent to12 percent. The Democrats clearly are nervous and are taking the gloves off in ads aimed at black voters.

Certainly no Democrat in recent memory has taken the black vote more for granted than John Kerry.

Kerry Encourage Black Church Goers To Ignore Their Morality

At last we've discovered consistency in John Kerry. Not only does he ignore his own church's teachings, but he encourages others to do so as well.

Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry and civil rights activist the Rev. Jesse Jackson told black voters at a church here yesterday that President Bush's support for a constitutional amendment against homosexual "marriage" shouldn't be enough to earn their vote.
Mr. Kerry attended Mass at a Catholic church in North Miami, and then spoke during services at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Miami , as he and several black Democratic leaders tried to rally black voters.
"How many of you -- someone from your family -- married somebody of the same sex?" Mr. Jackson asked of the congregation of about 500. After nobody raised a hand, he asked, "Then how did that get in the middle of the agenda?"